We are looking forward to a premiere! Controme will soon be used in a Kindergarten for the first time. The Kindergarten „Die Aktion“ in Lauf an der Pegnitz will from now on trust the heating control of Controme!

An adequate control of the group rooms wasn’t possible with the conventional solution so far. All rooms were heated at all times. What a waste of energy!

With Controme all rooms can now be adequately planned based of the usage times. Vacations, weekends and holidays will all be planned in advance over a variable period of time via an online calendar.

Using the presence sensors the temperature in the rooms will automatically be slightly lowered, if nobody is in the group room. That’s how the Kindergarten will also automatically save energy during spontaneous winter actions in the fresh air. Once the kids come back into the group room the heaters will automatically switch back to comfortable temperatures.

You got interested in optimal energy efficiency? Share your requirements and request a consultation.

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