Needs-based additional gates connection

In Controme Heating-Manager architecture the sensors connect the gates with one or more of our Controme Gateways. While connecting the outputs, the actuators, for instance, in the heating manifold can open and close themselves. It should be also clarified that the position of gates is not necessarily dependent on the position of sensors. We implement our new pump logic for this.

Dealing with a heating system, there is always a consumer/user (a floor heating system, a radiator, etc.) and a producer (a boiler, a heatpump). As a rule, the consumer is aware of the producer indirectly. That is why, for instance, a boiler often starts when every radiator is switched off. Using our pump logic, we tackle this informational problem.

The pump logic connects one or more gates with regard to the position of other particular gates. Conversely, such a gate can be the pump logic itself. If installing central heatpumps and circulation pumps for separate storeys, one can connect the circulation pumps in such a way, that no linked heat circuits remain open. As soon as all the circulation pumps are again turned off, we can turn off the heat pumps by ourselves.

How does it work?

Easy as that: firstly you choose vital gates and then the gates which are dependent on the aforementioned ones that are to be connected. There is only one restriction: the pump logic cannot abstain itself, even indirectly by means of the next pump logic.