We’re hap­py that we improved Smart-Heat by embed­ding humid­i­ty in our sys­tem. The influ­ence of humid­i­ty for the per­fect indoor cli­mate is often under­es­ti­mat­ed. A room tem­per­a­ture of 26°C often feels cold­er, with a humid­i­ty lev­el of 40 per­cent than with a lev­el of 60 per­cent. This is what the GHS uni­ver­si­ty in essen found out.

That means, the indoor tem­per­a­ture changes with humid­i­ty. That’s exact­ly what the humid­i­ty mod­ule com­pen­sates which will be avail­able with the next soft­ware update.
It was very impor­tant to us, that we can offer you this func­tion for a rea­son­able price. That’s why we devel­oped a com­plete­ly new cable bound mul­ti-sen­sor with humid­i­ty sen­sors. The sen­sor is avail­able in our online store right now.