For an optimal regulation of the heating technology an extensive sensor equipment is needed. To achieve the best possible regulation quality and energy savings, for the underfloor heating 40 room and return temperature sensors are getting installed in systems with space return control in a common single-family house. In addition to that there are sensors with buffer memory, leading sensor, external sensor, etc.

The jamming of these temperature sensors was a small challenge and was hardly achievable using commercially available clamps.

The new sensor distributor offers help. Just connect each sensor to one of the 15 terminal blocks. The connection to the gateway is then established once using 7 wires (+, – and 5 data lines). For systems with more than 15 sensor 2–3 sensors can be jammed into a single clamp if necessary, ensuring that the amount of connectible sensors will be enough in any case.

Every single clamp is equipped with a jumper that splits the sensor, depending on its position, into 1–5 sensor lines. The commissioning of systems with many sensor thus becomes a lot easier.

Details related to the connection of the sensor distributor can be fund in the technical documentation:

The sensor distributor is from now on available in the Store for €49,- and recommended for systems with 8 or more sensors.