Appropriately for the upcoming transition period, we have extended the heatManager-System with a specific feature for thermal solar systems.

The new solar buffer feature makes it possible to use the building as an additional buffer for solar energy. The system uses weather forecast data to automatically compute when to activate the new feature. HeatManager’s single room control enables you to determine how high the solar buffer- Module should maximally raise the room temperature in each individual room.

The heatManager- system uses the building as additional buffer. The solar storage can be discharged through the floor heating, thereby collecting energy again through the collectors. So room temperatures are raised with free solar energy. This allows you to start a heating period with a fully charged solar storage and rooms that have been pre-heated free of charge. Particularly now, during the transition period, where sunny and warm phases alternate with heating phases, this feature improves the efficiency of thermal solar systems notably.

We would like to use to the upcoming transition period for extensive field testing and further improvements of the features. Therefore, we will add three sleeve temperature sensors free of charge to any  new heatManager-Systems with the solar buffer feature installed before the 28th of March.

The video shows the setting possibility of the maximally allowed single room temperature raise: