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The next big Update! ContromeSmart-Heat 4.

The new Smart-Heat 4 is a fur­ther large step for­ward. It is designed, to be easy and intu­itive and takes advan­tage of Tablet and com­put­er screens ful­ly. It looks fan­tas­tic and works the same way. Every­thing is acces­si­ble evene faster. And with the new Week­ly cal­en­dar any room can be planned per­fect­ly.

Smart-Heat 4 is is our gift. We hope you like it!

We’re per­ma­nent­ly work­ing on updates, that make Con­trome even bet­ter! We improved many new func­tions. And it’s free for all excist­ing cus­tomers!

Request login data

You can try Smart Heat 4 in a demo account! After fill­ing out the form, we will send you the login data imme­di­ate­ly.

Easy to handle. Easy to love. The new threepart unser interface.

With Smart-Heat 4 we intro­duce a new User inter­face con­cept, that make all func­tions faster and avail­able even eas­i­er.

The new Controme experience with your Smartphone.

Get all advan­tages from the new con­cept with your Smart­phone now. Every­thing you would like to do is eas­i­ly acces­si­ble with a fold­ing menu. At the same time, we kept every­thing, that makes Con­trome Con­trome. You will notice the imr­pove­ments in the new con­cept and you will love them.

Schnellzugriff auf Räume

With the left menu-but­ton, you can unfold the room list from every­where.


In the room list, you can ime­me­di­ate­ly see which rooms are being heat­ed, the set tem­per­a­ture, the desired tem­per­a­ture and the intel­li­gent off­sets!

Schnellzugriff Navigation

With the right menu-but­ton you reach the nav­i­ga­tion menu. Here you have all set­tings and addi­tion­al func­tions.


A slid­er for every room. And every­thing on one page. Eas­i­ly fades in and out for every floor.

Slider Tooltip

The slid­ers in smart-heat 4 are easy­ly oper­a­ble with the Tooltip.


The room site has been revised. Next to some details, we added a sen­sor sum­ma­ry.

Manuelle Eingabe

Man­u­al enter­ing of tem­per­a­ture out­side of the slid­er area.


All impor­tant tem­per­a­tures for a room on one page!

The new weekly calendar!

Timer switch clocks or pro­gram­ma­ble ther­mostats are in the past! Wit the new week­ly cal­en­dar you can plan for every room even bet­ter.

Decrease or increase your desired tem­per­a­ture eas­i­ly, select time and day for a pos­si­ble rep­e­ti­tion

New sensor summary site

With the link in the right menu you can access the new sen­sor sum­ma­ry. All return flow tem­per­a­ture sen­sors and room tem­per­a­ture sen­sors are list­ed here for the per­fect overview.

Optimized and revised code

Our team invest­ed a lot of ener­gy and time in the code’s opti­miza­tion. This results in a sim­pler and faster ver­sion of Con­trome smart-heat than ever. This process will be con­tin­ued, so the user expe­ri­ence will con­stant­ly improve.

But that’s not all!

Many fur­ther improve­ments make smart-heat 4 the most pow­er­ful Con­trome release!

  • ca. 25% faster user inter­face
  • faster data­base in the self suf­fi­cient mode
  • Room groups, absence switch­es, acces­si­ble right away
  • col­or­ful off­set also on the room site
  • wire­less room ther­mostats can make 0,1°C steps now
  • sim­pler and eas­i­er design
  • You can use as many wire­less sticks in one build­ing as you like.
  • In an instal­la­tion with mul­ti­ple servers, one can be defined as  the mas­ter serv­er. The oth­ers func­tion as gate­ways.
  • Removal of lit­tle errors
  • Option­al fade out of the con­fig­u­ra­tion link
  • Save and load in the self suf­fi­cient mode over /dbdl and /dbul

Make your heating smart now! We’d love to help!

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