The next big Update! ContromeSmart-Heat 4.

The new Smart-Heat 4 is a further large step forward. It is designed, to be easy and intuitive and takes advantage of Tablet and computer screens fully. It looks fantastic and works the same way. Everything is accessible evene faster. And with the new Weekly calendar any room can be planned perfectly.

Smart-Heat 4 is is our gift. We hope you like it!

We’re permanently working on updates, that make Controme even better! We improved many new functions. And it’s free for all excisting customers!

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You can try Smart Heat 4 in a demo account! After filling out the form, we will send you the login data immediately.

Easy to handle. Easy to love. The new threepart unser interface.

With Smart-Heat 4 we introduce a new User interface concept, that make all functions faster and available even easier.

The new Controme experience with your Smartphone.

Get all advantages from the new concept with your Smartphone now. Everything you would like to do is easily accessible with a folding menu. At the same time, we kept everything, that makes Controme Controme. You will notice the imrpovements in the new concept and you will love them.

Schnellzugriff auf Räume

With the left menu-button, you can unfold the room list from everywhere.


In the room list, you can imemediately see which rooms are being heated, the set temperature, the desired temperature and the intelligent offsets!

Schnellzugriff Navigation

With the right menu-button you reach the navigation menu. Here you have all settings and additional functions.


A slider for every room. And everything on one page. Easily fades in and out for every floor.

Slider Tooltip

The sliders in smart-heat 4 are easyly operable with the Tooltip.


The room site has been revised. Next to some details, we added a sensor summary.

Manuelle Eingabe

Manual entering of temperature outside of the slider area.


All important temperatures for a room on one page!

The new weekly calendar!

Timer switch clocks or programmable thermostats are in the past! Wit the new weekly calendar you can plan for every room even better.

Decrease or increase your desired temperature easily, select time and day for a possible repetition

New sensor summary site

With the link in the right menu you can access the new sensor summary. All return flow temperature sensors and room temperature sensors are listed here for the perfect overview.

Optimized and revised code

Our team invested a lot of energy and time in the code’s optimization. This results in a simpler and faster version of Controme smart-heat than ever. This process will be continued, so the user experience will constantly improve.

But that’s not all!

Many further improvements make smart-heat 4 the most powerful Controme release!

  • ca. 25% faster user interface
  • faster database in the self sufficient mode
  • Room groups, absence switches, accessible right away
  • colorful offset also on the room site
  • wireless room thermostats can make 0,1°C steps now
  • simpler and easier design
  • You can use as many wireless sticks in one building as you like.
  • In an installation with multiple servers, one can be defined as  the master server. The others function as gateways.
  • Removal of little errors
  • Optional fade out of the configuration link
  • Save and load in the self sufficient mode over /dbdl and /dbul

Make your heating smart now! We’d love to help!

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