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Room requirements

The connection from the single room control to the central heat generator

The room temperature control and the heating regulation of the central heat generator operate with conventional systems completely independent from one another. Every room with the room thermostat has a separate control and the central heat generator on the other hand has a separate control. This leads to many problems and decreases the heater´s efficiency considerably.

With the integrated software module „room requirements“ the Controme heat management system initially offers the possibility to connect the single room control to the central heating regulation in the easiest way. That reduces the amount of burner starts, abbreviates the heater pump´s running time, provides a more efficient operating with heating pumps and much more.

How does it work?

The system observes if the desired temperature is reached in each room. Is this the case a potentially free contact at the Controme gateway or a radio relay is activated. This contact will be affiliated to the guide space entrance of the central heater control. The heat generator is just then released when at least one of the in the software elected rooms has a heat demand as well. When all rooms have reached their desired temperature, the heat generator will be disabled.

Through which output can the room requirement be activated?

The room requirement can either be sent to one of the gateway outputs or to the radio relay. For the function´s implementation the respective system configuration most keen option can be chosen.